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Own IT. Secure IT. Protect IT.



October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month! 

Cybersecurity Awareness Month reminds everyone that there are all kinds of ways to keep your data protected. It can make a huge difference even by practicing the basics of cybersecurity.

Scroll down to see more on cybersecurity,  Charter Bank in the news, our new employee spotlights, and photos from our Customer Appreciation BBQ in Waukee.

Also, if your friends or family are looking to make a banking change, please send them our way. Being 100% locally owned and operated means we understand your needs, the challenges you face, and the roles you play in the community. 

In the News
Brien Scandridge Completes Commercial Credit School

On October 6th, Brien Scandridge, AVP Lending for Charter Bank, completed the Iowa Bankers Association's Commercial Credit School along with 57 other Iowa bankers. He finished in the top 10% of his class! Congratulations Brien!

Employee Spotlight
Nikki Mulbrook

Meet Nikki Mulbrook, AVP Market Manager in Grimes, who started at Charter Bank in June 2022.  

She grew up in Waukee, graduated from Waukee High School and went on to graduate from Simpson College with a BA in Psychology, a BA in Sociology, and a minor in Criminal Justice. Nikki started her banking career in 2015 as a Teller and continued to grow and develop, most recently serving as Branch Manager.

Nikki stays involved in the community by serving as a board member for the Ankeny Young Professionals (AYP). She was also recently an Ambassador for the Ankeny Chamber of Commerce. She is looking forward to continuing her chamber involvement and immersing herself in the Grimes Chamber.

Read on to find out more about Nikki.

1.) Family Members: I have one son who is 3-years-old.
2.) Interests: In addition to spending time with my son, family and friends, I enjoy watching and attending sporting events. I'm a big Hawkeye fan and also a big Minnesota Vikings fan and Minnesota Twins fan.
3.) Many people don't know that: A lot of my close friends do know this, but I am a huge cheese curd lover. So much so, that I am having a Cheese Curd Crawl for my next milestone birthday. I know all of the best places in the Des Moines area for cheese curds.
4.) The best advice I ever got was: It is never too early to start planning and saving for your future (thanks, Mom).
5.) Chart Your Success with Us means: Charter Bank will be here every step of the way for our customers…from the initial account opening, to the buying of a home, to the birth of a child, to the start of a new business…growing a lifelong and lasting relationship with our customers; celebrating their growth and successes throughout life!

Cindy Buckalew

Introducing Cindy Buckalew, our new Universal Banker, who started at Charter Bank in August 2022. 

She grew up in Woodward, graduated from Woodward-Granger High School and went on to Salvador Beauty School where she received a diploma in Cosmetology. Cindy worked in the banking industry for 5 years at the start of her career, followed with 16 years in Client Technical Support at Fiserv. 

Read on to find out more about Cindy.

1.) Family Members: I have two adult daughters, four grandchildren (12, 10, 7 and 2) and my husband, Steve.
2.) Interests: I enjoy camping, fishing, playing cards and working in my flower gardens.
3.) Many people don’t know that: I went to beauty school. 
4.) If I could live anywhere in the world, I would live: In the same place I live now.
5.) The best advice I ever got was: Treat others as you like to be treated.
6.) Chart Your Success with Us means: Let Charter Bank help keep you on track in meeting your financial goals.

Out and About
Charter Bank Waukee 21st Anniversary Customer Appreciation BBQ

On September 8th, customers and staff celebrated at the BBQ with food, beverages and live band Boomerang. It was a beautiful evening and fun was had by all!

Safety and Security

During National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, the FBI joins in asking every user of a connected device to Own IT. Secure IT. Protect IT.

Own IT
Understand Your Digital Profile

Internet-based devices are present in every aspect of our lives: at home, school, work, and on the go. Constant connection provides opportunities for innovation and modernization, but also presents opportunities for potential cybersecurity threats that can compromise your most important personal information. Understand the devices and applications you use every day to help keep you and your information safe and secure.

Secure IT
Secure Your Digital Profile

Cybercriminals are very good at getting personal information from unsuspecting victims, and the methods are getting more sophisticated as technology evolves. Protect against cyber threats by learning about security features available on the equipment and software you use. Apply additional layers of security to your devices—like multi-factor authentication—to better protect your personal information.

Protect IT
Maintain Your Digital Profile

Every click, share, send, and post you make creates a digital trail that can be exploited by cybercriminals. To protect yourself from becoming a victim, you must understand, secure, and maintain your digital profile. Be familiar with and routinely check privacy settings to help protect your privacy and limit Internet-enabled crime.

For more from the FBI about Cybersecurity Awareness Month:

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