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Good Tuesday morning to you!

Here’s a little something for you to debate around the Thanksgiving table other than vaccinations, Rittenhouse or how to part your hair. Maybe you have heard. It has to do with Santa’s reindeer. They are all female — and pregnant.

Yes, it’s true. Well, maybe.

Dasher. Dancer. Prancer. Vixen. Comet. Cupid. Donder (yes, Donder). Blitzen. All of them could be making baby reindeer — and the experts say they know this because of the antlers (or lack thereof).

Male reindeer apparently shed their barbs just after the mating season, which is in early December. So, with that in mind, a male reindeer would not have antlers on Dec. 24.

Most female reindeer keep their antlers throughout the winter. This is because pregnant females use them to dig for food through the snow. Those who know say female reindeer lose their antlers just before giving birth.

Now, of course, you can’t have pregnant reindeer without male reindeer (or a bunch of complicated science), so the guys do have something to do the with the process. They just aren’t members of Santa’s high-flyers on Christmas Eve.

There is another possibility, again according to those who know. Since castrated reindeer don’t lose their antlers, Vixen and company could be male, meaning that those mischievous elves might have some sharp knives and yet another task at Santa’s Village.

Some of you may be wondering about Rudolph, the little, red-nosed reindeer that saved Christmas. He may be the only male that pulls Santa’s sleigh. How do we know for sure? Well, we don’t, but in Robert May’s original cover art on his 1939 book, Rudolph is not sporting antlers at all, which leaves the possibility open.

If this leaves you all a bit bewildered, you are not alone. I am going with the idea that Santa’s reindeer are a mix of pregnant females (Dasher, Vixen and Cupid) and castrated males (Comet, Donder and Blitzen). I am undecided on Prancer and Dancer.

Throw that around with some turkey and cranberry sauce this Thanksgiving.

Have a terrific Tuesday, and thanks for reading.

Shane Goodman
President and Publisher
Big Green Umbrella Media
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Your Clear Mortgage forecast from Jason Parkin

Today will be warmer and breezier than yesterday, and tomorrow will be similar. Chillier weather returns for Thanksgiving as our roller coaster ride of temperatures continues. Dry weather looks to persist into next week.

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