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Good Monday morning to you!

I am not a fan of flying in airplanes. Too many people. Too small of a space. And not enough margin for error. I get anxious when flying, and the spread of COVID-19 hasn’t helped matters. But like many of you, I do fly a handful of times per year. The travel time is faster than driving a car, and I like that. I also like… did I mention that it was faster?

Maybe the most frustrating part of flying is arriving at your gate only to learn that your flight has been oversold. You have likely dealt with this. Maybe you gave up your seat for vouchers. Or maybe you were stranded at the airport with no acceptable options.

Imagine this happening in any other industry. You buy a car online and show up at the dealership only to learn that the vehicle you thought you bought was sold to another person as well. Or you purchase a home from a Realtor and arrive at the closing to learn that your home has two others there who bought it, too. Or on a smaller level, you stop by to pick up groceries you ordered and are told that your milk is no longer available, but the cashier will give you a 50-cent voucher if you come back in a few days.

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, this “bumping” is not illegal. Airlines are allowed to oversell their scheduled flights “in order to compensate for no-shows.” The DOT site also says some airlines do sell only enough tickets to fill every seat. Would you like to know which airlines those are? Sounds like a great marketing promotion. “We won’t sell your seat to others!”

What if an airline offers to put you on standby on another flight that’s full? It could happen, and you could be stuck at the airport for a long time. It happened to me — for two nights at the Dallas/Fort Worth airport. My newfound and frustrated friends invited me to join them in renting a car and driving back to Des Moines. I respectfully declined, as I trusted the airline would take care of me. Bad choice. They beat me home.

Let’s say no passengers are willing to voluntarily give up their seat. Then what? Well, the airline will then force some passengers to give up their seats based on their check-in times, the fares they paid, or their frequent flyer status, according to the DOT.

Bottom line, if you want to avoid being bumped on a flight this holiday season, make sure that you have a confirmed reservation, that you check in to your flight on time, and that you arrive at the departure gate on time. And be prepared to rent a car.

Have a marvelous Monday, and thanks for reading.

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A warming trend as we head toward Christmas with a small chance for mixed precipitation for the weekend.

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“My mom and I were living in an apartment in Indianola,” she shares. “I’ve always liked living in apartments because I liked being able to call maintenance for things like leaky sinks. I started to worry about my dad living on his own, so I asked if he'd be willing to move up here. My sisters and I thought that, if we got him to move up, we’d all have our own houses.

"My sisters lived together, and I lived with my mom. Dad said he’d move up here, but the caveat was that we’d all live in the same house together. My parents have been divorced for over 20 years. I don’t think he especially wanted to live with my mother again, but he knew mom came with me — that it was a package deal.”


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