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Good Thursday morning to you!

BlackBerry. If you were working in the business world around the turn of the century, you likely owned one. I did, and it was life-changing. If I search long enough, I might even be able to find it somewhere in my box of now-expired phones that I seem to be saving for no apparent reason.

Well, if you haven’t heard by now, the BlackBerry is officially done. The Washington Post and others report that the BlackBerry was forced to retire as of Tuesday.

The device was a pioneer of its time when physical keyboards were king and touch screens seemed futuristic. But, as the Post reports, “the cellphone turned status symbol will become one more relic of a bygone era as the transition to 5G wireless technology grinds forward.”

According to the story, all devices running on BlackBerry’s legacy operating systems and software will no longer function. Old devices won’t be able to send text messages or dial 911. This is part of the “2G/3G sunset,” which, the Post reports, is happening now as carriers dismantle outdated and inefficient pieces of infrastructure to make way for newer networks that are more secure, cost-efficient and easier to maintain. So, in short, the BlackBerry is dead.

Some of you may remember the original BlackBerry being referred to as a “CrackBerry,” referencing the addiction that its users experienced. Those who owned one could, among other things, check email on their phone 24/7, which was an amazing feat at the time.

The advent of the iPhone changed everything. At the time, I referred to the Apple product as just another toy, while the BlackBerry was an essential work device. Then I bought an iPhone… and another one… and another one. I am not sure how many I have owned at this point. Today, like many of you, I am an iPhone fan. I had to dig deep in my memory bank to remember if I actually owned a BlackBerry at one time.

What I do vividly remember owning and enjoying were the Palm Pilots. They looked and worked much like BlackBerrys, but my last version had the handy stylus that slid into the side and proved to be helpful for folks like me with fumbling fingers. These devices — and those days — are long gone, and I can’t help but wonder what the future will bring and how soon we will be fondly recalling what an iPhone once was. In the meantime, rest in peace, BlackBerry.

Have a thoughtful Thursday, and thanks for reading.

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Your Clear Mortgage forecast from Jason Parkin

Cold weather stays with us through Friday, but precipitation looks to stay north and south of us as well. Saturday will be a bit breezy and warmer, while breezes from a more northerly direction make things colder again on Sunday and Monday.

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Because she enjoyed physical activity and working with children, she decided that a career teaching P.E. would be the perfect fit.

“Bondurant is such a fun, welcoming, and supportive community that I am proud and lucky to be a part of,” Denham says. “I love this community and have received so much love and support, so I wanted to come back home to teach. I absolutely love it.”


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