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Tuesday, May 24, 2022
Good Tuesday Morning to You!

As a child, my neighborhood friends and I would stand below and marvel at the height of our city’s water tower and wonder what it would be like to be on top of it and look down. These were days before camera drones, so we had to actually use our imaginations. As in most small towns, the water tower was the tallest structure, and it was fascinating — at least to us.

If my family was traveling by car after the sun went down, my brother and I would look with amazement at the local radio station’s flashing tower. As young kids with limited exposure to life outside of our small town, this was also fascinating. To some degree, it still is.

We don’t live or work on top of each other much in Iowa, as we have room to spread out — and there is some concern over these things called tornadoes. As such, most buildings are constructed horizontally rather than vertically.

Principal’s 801 Grand building in downtown Des Moines is an exception, standing at 630 feet tall. The 45-floor structure is Iowa’s tallest building. Construction began on it in 1989 and finished in 1991. This was about the time I moved to Des Moines and was working downtown. Much like the child who marveled at the water tower, I would pause each evening in the nearby parking ramp and watch the ongoing construction of this mammoth project.

Prior to the construction of 801 Grand, the Ruan Center was Iowa’s tallest building, standing at nearly 460 feet. This high-rise office building, located at 666 Grand Ave. in Des Moines, was built by Ruan Transportation in 1975. I was still staring at water towers and radio station antennas at that time, but it had to be an incredible sight for its day.

Aside from the handful of Iowa “skyscrapers,” our skylines are now peppered with cellular phone towers. According to Airwave Advisors, more than 100 cell tower companies have headquarters in the United States. The largest are American Tower Corporation with 40,000-plus sites; Crown Castle Corporation, also with more than 40,000; SBA Communication with about 32,000; US Cellular with more than 4,200; and Vertical Bridge with 3,000-plus. Also, according to statista.com, there were 417,215 mobile wireless cell sites in the United States in 2020. Maybe not surprisingly, the exact locations of towers by carrier can be a trick to find, but this slightly outdated Iowa map gives an idea.

Needless to say, our landscape has changed, but some fascinations stay the same. I may not have purchased a drone yet, but the inner child in me continues to be fascinated by the towers that reach into our skies.

Have a terrific Tuesday, and thanks for reading.

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Your Clear Mortgage forecast from Jason Parkin

It’ll be a rainy one today, and that rain will continue tomorrow and into early Thursday morning. Temperatures will be cool as a result. Things begin to warm up Thursday, then even more into the weekend. We have slight rain chances ahead Saturday and Sunday.

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Just eight months into her life, Emerson was diagnosed with neurofibromatosis (NF1), a genetic disorder that causes tumors to grow on nerves throughout the body. It can lead to cancer, blindness, bone abnormalities, deafness, learning disabilities and excruciating pain.

When she was 2, doctors discovered a small optic pathway glioma, a tumor of the optic pathway in the eye. She had to have an MRI every six months to monitor its growth.


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