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Tuesday, May 31, 2022
Good Tuesday Morning to You!

Jolene and I have a daughter, Sara, who lives in California, a state known for beaches, surfing, sunshine, celebrities and forest fires. Yes, forest fires.

In her early months there, we were trading phone calls of concern about nearby fires that were seemingly a stone’s throw from her apartment. As an Iowa transplant, Sara was terrified, and rightfully so. Her California-native neighbors were not the least bit concerned. That sounded crazy to me until a friend pointed out that Californians’ views on fires are no different than our views on tornadoes. Point taken.

As a child, I recall going outside in our front yard when a storm was brewing, looking to the sky and stretching my arms out to see if the wind would move me — until Mom would yell at me to get my you-know-what in the house.

Then I would stare out the windows and watch the lightning flash and listen to the thunder pound. Eddie Rabbit wasn’t the only one who loved a rainy night.

A tornado, though, is a different breed of storm.

On June 28, 1979, an F3 tore through our neighborhood in my hometown of Algona. This 10-year-old was home alone and shivering under the pool table in our basement while listening to our trees uproot and every window in our home shatter. We were fortunate. Just a couple blocks away, homes were leveled.

These were the days before cell phones, and my mother was north of town at an auction. My brother was at a friend’s home. My stepfather was a fireman and was at their monthly meeting. Mom frantically called me three times from a phone at the auction house, demanding that I go to the neighbor’s home. I didn’t. As a parent now, I can’t imagine the anxiety she felt while driving through and dodging the debris to get back to our home to see if her family was OK. I was reminded of this while watching those California fires on the national news and trading calls and messages with Sara.

Wind and fire are not just two-thirds of an American band known for its kalimba sound and dynamic horn section. They are a reality in much of America. Most of us don’t take them as seriously as we should, until Mother Nature slaps us in the face. With the season upon us — and with a tornado watch in place as I write these words — we are reminded of how swift and significant these storms can be.

Have an attentive Tuesday, and thanks for reading.

Shane Goodman
President and Publisher
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Scattered showers are likely on a cooler day today. Rain chances return again on an even cooler Wednesday. It'll be dry and mild Thursday and Friday.

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