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Thursday, June 16 ,2022
Good Thursday Morning to You!

As a young boy, I had a couple of unfortunately unique things about me. First, I did not have any living grandparents. And second, my parents were divorced. Neither of those may seem unique today, but in the 1970s in a Catholic school in small-town Iowa, they were. I was fortunate to have another unique situation, as I experienced wonderful pseudo-grandparents in Bob and Betty Moritz.

Bob and Betty were the grandparents of my good friend Rob Schultz. Rob and I lived across the street from each other in our youth and had birthdays only two days apart. We grew up like brothers, and he was kind enough to share his grandparents with me.

Each year, St. Cecilia’s Elementary School would celebrate Grandparent’s Day and invite grandmas and grandpas to join their grandchildren for Mass and school lunch. It was a big day for a lot of kids. It was a sad day for the only kid in the school who didn’t have grandparents. As such, I sat by our teacher during Mass. At one point, I looked over my shoulder and saw Betty nudging Bob and whispering something to him. Bob looked at me and then looked down and nodded to Betty. A few minutes later, as Mass ended, Bob walked over to this sad kid and asked me to join them at lunch. I gladfully did. That simple gesture changed a sad day into a great one that I vividly remember 44 years later.

My parents divorced when I was 10 years old. I understood about as much as a 10-year-old could or should understand. Mom and Dad and my siblings sheltered me from most of it, including the weekend that Mom moved out of our house. I joined my friend Rob and his siblings at Bob and Betty’s home, unaware of what was happening at my home. It was around Christmas time, and Bob and Betty were thoughtful enough to even have a present for me. It was a chrome-plated rocket ship bank that I still have to this day. They were extra nice to me the entire time, and I wasn’t exactly sure why. Regardless, I enjoyed my time with them very much.

Rob’s parents picked us up from Bob and Betty’s house and brought me back to my home that Sunday. What I found was an empty house and not a lot of explanation. It took me several years to realize that Bob and Betty knew exactly what was going on and were doing their best to help me get through it. I can’t imagine what went through their heads wondering how I was going to deal with this when I got home. They did more than their part, and I now fully realize how truly special they were.

Betty died several years ago. I went to see her at the hospital in her final days, and we all shed some tears. As the years progressed, I would stop to see Bob at his home in Boone when I was in town, and I would leave him notes when we weren’t able to catch up. His Christmas card was the first one I would receive every year, and it always brought a smile.

Bob, now at 90 years of age, is struggling. He had a heart attack this week, and his age is working against him. I went to the hospital to see him this week and to say thank you for being there for a young kid who needed him.

I would guess each of you reading this have had a Bob or Betty in your life, too — at least I hope so. More importantly, I hope all of us can make an impact on a child like these two wonderful people did on me.

Have a thankful Thursday, and thanks for reading.

NOTE TO READERS: My column in yesterday’s emailed version of The Daily Umbrella referenced a link to the Let’s Go To The Races promotion with Hy-Vee from 1981. The link was broken. You can find it here.

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Vail’s love for Allis Chalmers comes full circle.

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Growing up, Cory Vail spent every weekend at his grandparent’s farm, helping in the garden, feeding the cattle, or repairing fences. His grandfather owned several older, small Ford tractors and at age 8 or 9, Cory started driving them by himself.

“I checked the cows and fences, or often made up other reasons to take the tractors for a ride,” Cory says smiling. “They were like ATVs, and I enjoyed the freedom.”  

Cory’s family moved to the farm when he was 13 after both grandparents passed away. In 1988 his dad traded the Ford 4000 for an Allis Chalmers 190xt series III. That’s when his love for the orange tractors started.


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Morning Chuckle
The answer to yesterday's riddle:
What do you call a train full of bubble gum?
A CHEW CHEW TRAIN. Good job Shane Goodman, Vicky Hansen, William Snyder, Judy Anderson, Shelly Adams, Abbey Martin, Peri Van Tassel, Butch Niebuhr, Sherrie Colbert and Markie Harper, Duane Spicer, Lori Bluml, Ron Sinnwell, Rex Post, Rich Hoidahl, Gail Tomlinson. I think we just broke a record for number of answers submitted.


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