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Wednesday, Aug. 24, 2022
Good Wednesday Morning to You!

Symmetry is wonderful. It is part of the whole balance thing. The ying for the yang. The right for each left. And a necessity for those of us who believe there is a place for everything and everything has its place.

I was reminded of the need for symmetry and balance the other day when I had a hangnail and trimmed it off with some clippers. Then I decided to trim all the nails on my left hand. My daughter told me we were late to go somewhere, so I put the clippers down and decided I would do the right hand later. I was off kilter all night, as I couldn’t get the unfinished nail thing off my mind.

My barber told me of a similar story when he was trimming those crazy eyebrow hairs on a customer. He said he trimmed one side and then got caught up in a conversation and forgot to do the other. The customer came back — with his head tilted.

Have you ever noticed how many things are truly symmetrical? Cut them in half, and you get the same thing on both sides. Our faces are symmetrical. So are our bodies. When cut the long way, a bicycle is even symmetrical. But a car isn’t. Huh?

Can someone explain why steering wheels are not in the middle of otherwise-symmetrical vehicles? I sort of understand why we in the U.S. do the opposite of those in the U.K., but why isn’t the steering wheel in the middle on all cars, everywhere?

Some say it is safest when the driver is placed closest to the middle of the road, which is on the left side in America. OK, I will buy that. But then why are the steering wheels for boats traditionally placed on the right side? Well, according to boatingbasicsonline.com, there are several “technical and conventional reasons, lookout theories, and even international disciplines that come together and keep the steering wheels of boats on starboard.”

In plain English, it comes down to propellers. According to the same website, “as propellors spin clockwise, the motion tends to put the left side down. The port side is then pushed by around 2 to 3 degrees physically. In turn, the right side of the boat will significantly rise out. The weight of the one behind the steering wheel may prevent this rise and keep the ship afloat.” Phooey.

Meanwhile, some modern pleasure crafts and wooden speed boats do have steering wheels on the left. Sometimes, they can also be found in the center. That makes sense, at least from a symmetrical point of view.

Now pass me the nail clippers.

Have a wonderful Wednesday, and thanks for reading.

Shane Goodman
President and Publisher
Big Green Umbrella Media
515-953-4822, ext. 305


Iowa Cubs Aug. 23: Iowa Cubs 7 St. Paul 1

MLB Aug. 23: Cubs 2 Cardinals 0, Cardinals 13 Cubs 3, Diamondbacks 7 Royals 3, Dodgers 10 Brewers 1, Orioles 5 White Sox 3... READ MORE

From the Food (and Art) Dude

Mariela Maya, a CITYVIEW and Relish chef to watch, announced a new restaurant on Forest Avenue in Drake neighborhood to open in mid fall. It will feature rotisserie grilled chickens.


Your Clear Mortgage forecast from Jason Parkin

We’ll see hotter temperatures today into tomorrow along with rain chances this afternoon into Thursday afternoon… precipitation looks to be widely-scattered. A better chance of rain comes Saturday night into Sunday.

For help with preapprovals or refinancing, get in touch with Jason at parkin.mortgage

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"A classic spiderweb." Photo by J. Frank

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FROM KCCI: Mysterious military plane raises questions in Des Moines metro

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FROM WOI-DT Local 5: Barn catches on fire at the Iowa State Fairgrounds in Des Moines early Wednesday

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Meet Lori Fulcher

Finding the “a-ha” moments in teaching technology.

By T.K. West

After graduating from Waukee High School and Iowa State University, Lori Fulcher returned to to her alma mater to teach for 15 years. She then relocated to the Winterset Community School District in order to raise her family in a smaller community. Now, Fulcher works as a technology teacher for the Winterset Middle and Elementary schools and has been teaching with the district for the past 17 years.

“I am lucky that I get to teach in two buildings,” Fulcher says. “I love that this gives me the opportunity to get to know so many staff members and students. I love how the district is always trying to grow and implement new ideas.”

Although Fulcher has been teaching technology for the past seven years, she originally taught science. When she first started teaching technology classes, she says she missed those “ah-ha” moments that her students would experience in science. So, when she found the code.org curriculum, Fulcher knew it would be a great thing to implement in her classrooms.

.. Read More In the August issue of Winterset  Living.

Birthdays and Notables!

Happy Birthday to these celebrities: Scott Caan, Seth Curry, Vince McMahon, Dave Chappell, Rupert Gint, Stephen Fry, Alex O'Loughlin, Justine Skye, Beth Riesgraf

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Morning Chuckle
The answer to yesterday's riddle:
What name do you call a woman hanging on from a roof?
My favorite answer was from Mike Chiston and Scott Gonzalez, who said SLOOPY.... as in the song, HANG ON SLOOPY, SLOOPY HANG ON....
EVE was the answer I was looking for and received correct answers from Rex Post, Gail Tomlinson, Diane Doro, Denise McCauley, William Snyder, Laura Formanek, John Zeitler, Dewayne Johnson, Sherrie Colbert and Markie Harper, Lori Bluml

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