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Monday, Sept. 26, 2022
Good Monday Morning to You!

Welcome to the Monday version of the Friday mailbag. I have received so many great comments, questions and ideas by subscribers of this newsletter that I needed to spread them out into today to get caught up. They are edited for space and clarity.

“Why be a copy when you can be U-NIQUE (Authenticity, Sept. 14, 2022)?” - Diane

U are correct, Diane. Thank you. - Shane

“Excellent column today. (Authenticity, Sept. 14, 2022). Our human nature is to offer suggestions to people and to judge people based on what we feel is best for them. But the truth is we could never know what’s best for someone else. On the flip side, our human nature is to be concerned about what others think about us because we want to be accepted. Our most primitive fear is to be kicked out of the tribe. We all want to be valued and loved. Imagine a world where everyone realizes that what others say and think about us is simply a reflection of them and their world view, it has nothing to with us, who or what we are. We can let go of trying to influence their thoughts about us when we remember their thoughts about us were never about us at all.” - Mary

Now I feel so insignificant. But I am still smiling. Thanks, Mary. - Shane

“Sept. 3, 1974, was my first day of freshman orientation at Hamline College in St. Paul. Completely by chance, I happened upon Harry Chapin’s ‘Verities and Balderdash’ LP in the student bookstore and, having never heard of Harry Chapin but liking the cover art, purchased the album and returned to my dorm room. (Cat’s in the Cradle, Sept. 15, 2022). Not to be too hyperbolic, I hope, but I do believe that my life was changed that day. Growing up, I was the boy without a dad at the father and son events for Cub Scouts and church-sponsored hockey outings and the like, but in that moment on a chilly September day in Minnesota (earliest recorded frost in St. Paul history if memory serves) and for all the years to follow, I swore that should I ever have children of my own, they would never have to hear an excuse from me for my absence or lack of involvement. I have mostly lived up to that pledge, and to this day, the happiest feelings in my life revolve around family, most specifically my three children and now my children’s children and their spouses – all of them, my best friends in the world.” - Bruce
And some people say music doesn’t influence people? - Shane

“Had to reach out and share that your ‘Cat’s in the Cradle’ intro really struck a chord with me today (Cat’s in the Cradle, Sept. 15, 2022). Life is fleeting, and we absolutely need to take the trip, eat that dessert, honor those plans, and gather up as many treasured memories as possible with loved ones and friends. Thanks for sparking some reflection for me and have a great day!” - Trish

Yes we do. What’s for dessert? - Shane

“I can also relate to that song, as my dad passed away when he was 56 (Cat’s in the Cradle, Sept. 15, 2022). I was 35 at the time. My son had not even had his first birthday, so sadly he has no memory of his grandfather. I recently saw Donovan Woods open up for Matt Nathanson at Hoyt Sherman. Donovan has a great song that is in the same vein as ‘Cats in the Cradle’ - the name is ‘Next Year.’ If you get a chance, give it a listen. Trying to keep your eyes from ‘sweating’ may prove to be tricky, however. As always, enjoy your insight. Keep up the great work!” - Chris

Great song. My eyes are sweating. - Shane

“Very nice column today, Shane (Cat’s in the Cradle, Sept. 15, 2022). I didn't have much ‘dad time’ when I was a kid, but the two of us made up for it later on when possible. In fact, he and I went duck hunting together the day before he had a fatal heart attack. It's a great memory and was a fine way to say the inevitable goodbye. Your words today are important. I hope readers pay attention. Take care and thanks.” - John

Your note is another great reminder of what’s truly important, John. Thank you. - Shane

Have a marvelous Monday, and thanks for reading.

Shane Goodman
President and Publisher
Big Green Umbrella Media


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MLB Sept. 25: Dodgers 4 Cardinals 1, Royals 13 Mariners 12, Angels 10 Twins 3, Tigers 4 White Sox 1, Reds 2 Brewers 1, Cubs 8 Pirates 3  ... READ MORE


Your Clear Mortgage forecast from Jason Parkin

It’ll be another breezy one today, with a cooler high than yesterday. We stay in the 60s through much of the work week. We warm a bit on Friday and into the weekend but stay dry.

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Meet Ashley Kolum

Enjoys teaching students to use art materials in new ways.

By T.K. West

Growing up in Earlham, Ashley Kolum was familiar with the nearby Winterset community. Some of her favorite childhood memories include family outings and class field trips to the Winterset waterpark, city park, covered bridges and Frostee’s. After graduating from Earlham in 2015, she attended DMACC for two years before transferring to the University of Northern Iowa where she completed her bachelor’s degree in art education. Starting this year, Kolum will teach fourth- through eighth-grade art for the Winterset Community School District.

“The people of Winterset have always been friendly and welcoming, and the parents have always seemed to be very involved in their students’ education and activities. Coming from a small town with a similarly positive and close community, these values are important to me, and one of the many reasons I will be proud to serve the Winterset Community,” Kolum says.

... Read More In the September issue of WINTERSET Living magazine.

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