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Wednesday, Oct. 26, 2022
Good Wednesday Morning to You!

Have you noticed how most everything seems to have an expiration date these days? Some are certainly for good reason. Meat. Dairy. Bread. I don’t want to eat or drink those things when they have gone bad. Even so, I am not sure I need a date stamp to help me out. Nature has a way of letting know when meat is rotten, milk is sour and bread is moldy. I doubt if my grandmother ever felt a need for expiration dates on her food items.

Well, times have changed, and maybe our senses are not as good as the generations prior. Maybe. If I do check the expiration date on the carton of milk, I still smell it before I decide to pour it on my cereal or pour it down the drain. My olfactory seems to be working just fine.

But, alas, the marketers of the world have discovered our apparent fears of consuming anything that might be considered “old.” We now have expiration dates for beer and soda and even bottled water. Yes, bottled water can expire.

I had this debate with our distribution manager, Mike, the other day. I searched up and down a bottle of water for this so-called expiration date he told me about, and I proudly showed Mike the bottle and pointed out that it wasn’t there. He then succinctly showed me the fine print that my expiring eyes couldn’t see. I chugged down that bottle of water out of pure vengeance.

OK, so maybe you agree with the need for expiration dates on bottled or canned drinks, but prepare yourself for these non-food items that we are to believe can also expire and should be replaced, according to www.eatthis.com.

Your toothbrush? Just in case you can’t tell when the bristles fall out in your mouth, the American Dental Association suggests that you replace this every three to four months.

Your bath towels? Home health experts say you should replace your towels at least once every two years or “when they lose their fluffiness, start to smell or stop absorbing.”

Your running shoes? Runners know the need to do this frequently, but experts say to replace your running shoes every 200 to 300 miles or “as soon as you notice wear and tear or cushion breakdown.”

Your pillows or mattress? According to the site, experts recommend replacing your pillows every two years or when they begin to lose shape. And plan to buy a new mattress in six to eight years, or “if you notice it’s sagging, or if it begins to squeak or make other noises.” If you suffer from allergies, you may want to do this even sooner.

Sunscreen? Three years. Sunscreens are required by the FDA to remain at their original strengths for at least that long. Many sunscreens now have an expiration date on the bottle, according to the site.

Slippers? Six months to a year, depending on how much you wear them. They apparently “may be a breeding ground for bacteria,” especially if you wear them outside at all and don't wash them.

Humor yourself and check out the www.eatthis.com site for even more examples of items with expiration dates, and let me know of others that may not have been mentioned.

Have a wonderful Wednesday, and thanks for reading.

Shane Goodman
President and Publisher
Big Green Umbrella Media
515-953-4822, ext. 305



Your Clear Mortgage forecast from Jason Parkin

Dry conditions will continue this week, along with highs in the upper-50s to near 60. We could see warmer temperatures at the beginning of next week.

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Long before the Internet, stupid rumors traveled at the speed of light. Millions tried smoking banana peels because of one such piece of misinformation. Today, a leading rose gardener in England tells the Daily Express that banana peels are the secret to prize-winning roses and other flowers. They are said to provide the perfect dose of potassium to protect the plants from insects, weather changes and blight by raising the rose immune system.

German anarchists continued a British series of attacks on paintings of food by throwing mashed potatoes at Monet's "Grainstacks" in Potsdam on Sunday to protest the rising cost of food.

While American science has cloned the joy of Granny Smith, Gala and Red Delicious apples, blueberries and bananas, the Chinese have taken the lab science carnal. The world's latest cloned food is called Maya the Wolf. The original Maya was birthed by a beagle. The Chinese have abandoned their attempts at extinguishing arctic wolves from the country (ranchers hate them, too, for their predatory habits) and turned them into a new "superfood." They are sold at the same Wuhan market that was once blamed for spreading COVID via rats and bats. (Times of India)



A place Milers call home

Even for the chickens

By Lindsey Giardino

For years, Kris Miler and her husband, Todd, kept their eyes and ears open in search of a country property they could call their own.
Eight years ago, they found just the place. It’s about 5 acres of land 8 miles outside town, just off Cumming Road.

“It’s the perfect size for us,” Miler says. “It was a good fit.”

Although the home on the property looks like an old farmhouse, it’s not. It was built 25 years or so ago with the charm of an old relic but convenience of new amenities. The home also has a gorgeous wraparound porch and timber surrounding it, which is a bonus, since both Milers enjoy hunting.

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