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9-28-2021  |  Biweekly eNewsletter
The Round Up
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In The Spotlight
A southeast Iowa company will pay a $75,000 penalty for installing "defeat devices" in vehicles that disable emission controls designed to reduce harmful air pollution, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency said Tuesday. Read the full article.
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Farm supply cooperatives and independent ag retailers are enjoying strong financial returns as the upturn in U.S. grain prices enters its second consecutive year. The extended period of above-average crop prices is leading farmers to increase spending on agronomic inputs and services. However, while profits for the ag retail sector are expected to remain favorable over the next 12 months, emerging structural challenges will bring increased competition and pressure profitability in the years to come.
Mahindra is engineering tractors with the aim to be No. 1 in sales of compact, compact utility, and utility tractors (ranging in power from 19.4 to 120 hp.) in North America. While that may be a tall order to fill, bear in mind that Mahindra is the largest producer of tractors in the world. By August, the company had already built just short of 150,000 tractors for the year worldwide.
Advanced Farm Technologies, Inc., developers of robotic technology for farmers, announced on Sept. 20 that it has completed a series B investment round raising $25 million to support the company's growth in strawberry harvesting and the adaptation of its technology to apple harvesting. The Series B funding round was led by Catapult Ventures and included all the Series A investors: Kubota Corporation, Yamaha Motor Corporation and Impact Ventures.
Caterpillar 302.7 CR, Cat 303 CR, and Cat 303.5 CR mini excavators are built on the company’s Next Generation platform and replace existing models 302.7D, 303E, and 303.5E2.
Operating weights are in the 2.7-to-3.5-tonne range, and the mini excavators are powered by 24.7-horsepower engines. Dig depths range from 96.5 inches to 110.6 inches.
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Industry News
The number of positive driver drug tests through August increased by nearly 13%, when compared with a year ago, according to a new Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse summary report.
Saying it is "doubling down" on providing tailored solutions for customer segments, eBay has taken a minority stake in online auction company Bidadoo. While the two companies have had an 18-year partnership, the investment takes things to the next level, says Howard Hawk, Bidadoo president.
Corteva Agriscience is working to take agricultural robotics to new heights using a Spot robot from Boston Dynamics. The company is among the first in agriculture to use this agile and cutting-edge platform to 'walk' between rows of corn, sunflowers and more.
The Spot robot has potential applications in field testing of both new seed and crop protection solutions with its ability to collect copious amounts of data, support the application of new crop protection discovery molecules and inspect operations. Spot's many capabilities can help Corteva more fully understand complex phenotypes to support its research and development selection processes.
The Biden administration is calling for stepped up enforcement and increased efforts to prevent heat-related illnesses on the job.
In a polarized U.S. Senate, Democrats Amy Klobuchar and Cory Booker seldom agree with Republicans Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley. But all seemed to be on the same page during a recent hearing in Washington probing whether a lack of competition in the meatpacking industry has led to unfair prices for the nation’s cattle producers and excessive prices for beef consumers.
U.S. House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Sunday set a vote on the $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill for Thursday and voiced confidence it would pass.
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